Ashley Snowden

Most people know me from Television.  As a former reality television star, I have had some interesting experiences!

I am, however, so much more than what you may have seen or heard.  First and foremost, I am a follower of Christ, a wife, and a mother of 3 strong, determined, intelligent, and independent children, all of whom encourage me to be the best version of myself, and who won’t bat an eye to keep me accountable when I show up anything less. As self-directed home/global schoolers, we navigate the world with eyes and hearts wide open: curious and ready to learn and lend a hand.

Secondly, I am human, on a spiritual journey of being.  Not becoming, because I am already who God designed me to be.  None of us are perfect or without sin. But as I move through this life, often times having to unlearn from painful experiences, hard lessons, and just being in my own ways at times, I am reminded of the power, beauty, and perfection of the hand of God, and that I am, like you, a perfect creation, flaws and all, and worthy of love, mercy, and grace.

Lastly, and perhaps most critical to the times we are living through, I am a global, concerned citizen, a steward of God’s creation.  A humanitarian and environmentalist at heart, I care deeply about people and our home planet. I have committed myself to leaving Earth better than I find it, every, single, day.  I advocate and support environmental justice, food justice and education, regenerative ways of living and interacting with the world around us, and I believe that communities know what they need and trust them to lead the way. I work to see poverty eliminated, and believe that governments and companies must do right by the people and the planet! I also believe it is important to honor all of our ancestors and original inhabitants of the land I am privileged to call home, and the lands from which my own ancestors where taken. Above all, God’s plan is supreme!

I know firsthand, the power of LOVE.  As someone who has been fortunate enough to have relationships that tested, taught, and ultimately upgraded my way of being (yes even the hard and totally unsexy ones), I understand the importance of working to cultivate peace in my life and environment, advocating healthy connections and ways of being, always. Kindness is a superpower that I activate as much as I possibly can, beginning with being kind to myself.  There’s really no room for anything less.

On my new journey as a follower of Christ:  I was born into a Christian family, but left the faith in my early 20’s (Easter 2009) after becoming disheartened. Like so many I have spoken to, my experience in the church at that time was confusing and painful.  I was also not rooted in scripture, didn’t cultivate a strong relationship with God, and therefore my faith was very weak.  I am so grateful that on January 1, 2022, Jesus guided me back into the Kingdom of God, and set me apart!  I am now fully committed to living a life that follows by His perfect example! I pray the same for others, no matter how crazy our past may seem. So much has changed within the body of Christ…for the better! And what I believe is that God qualifies every person He calls, whether we believe we are worthy or not. Come and See…

Anything else you’d like to know about my personal philosophy, feel free to ask. I am an educator by trade, but I am forever a student of dance, herbalism, nutrition, spirituality, science, and life itself.  Feel free to browse my résumé to learn more about my professional history.

When I am not helping others or reading scripture, I enjoy writing. I look forward to one day sharing more of my work with you.  Please check out my blog for my latest ruminations!

For your presence, I am deeply grateful!