About Ashley...

Christian Lifestyle Coach

University educated but schooled by life, I have begun a new walk in Christ and I’m using my God-given gifts to commune with those who are in search of wholeness and healing from a spiritual lens. Our experiences may seemingly shatter us to pieces, but how we reassemble the peace is the key.  I am here to hold space for willing, curious, and determined souls seeking the tools and resources to walk deeper into faith, healing, and spiritual confidence, while also being a steward of God’s creation–planet Earth. I am simply a reflection of your light! Together, let us honor Him in all of His Wonder, Glory, and Majesty!

Wellness Coaching

Together, we will create faith-centric strategies for creating beautiful life through a close connection to God.

Sustainability Coaching

Together, we will create strategies for healthy consumption of products and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Herbal Shop

Extend your self-care with homemade products that are always sourced from natural ingredients.


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